Reamping part 2b

Since I haven’t find any „black” guitar and don’t want to withhold the release cycle, I decided to use what I have, although at the beginning I felt a little embarrassed. Well, don’t laugh 😉

Another instrument is … Epiphone LP Junior. I paid about 100$ for it – with a soft case – and it is a little old, but just in this case it’s not an advantage. The body is of course plywood, bolt-on neck, stock pick-up, nothing changed. D’Addario Strings 10 set – changed recently. It may not be the coolest guitar (to be brutally honest, it’s hard to imagine worse guitar), it is currently used by an enthusiastic teenager and slowly ceases to be sufficient, especially because of the tuning. Unfortunately, despite strenuous attempts to tune it I could only achieve what can be heard, looking at the bridge it’s no wonder 😉

Epiphone Les Paul Junior

Epiphone Les Paul Junior

And that’s all for now, sound samples in preparation;)


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