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Reamping part 4

Well, now we have to check guitars with higher output levels. Gibson Lucille is a blues instrument, and although gauge 12 strings may be involved in a high output level, the pickups are rather far away from the strings. Epiphone Les Paul Junior has stock humbucking pickup, which is not the active EMG for sure, but on the other hand the pickup it is pretty close to the strings. In total, it is difficult to find two more different guitars in every way… Well, back to work!

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Reamping part 3

Guitarists and bassists! If you click „read more”, your world will never be the same – in fact, it will collapse. Think about it now, or…

One thing – I’m a bass player, and the guitar is still a mystery for me. And I paid more attention to meters and levels than to playing… In all samples it’s not about what and how I play, or even how it sounds, there is only the signal level what matters. Ready? Let’s go!

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Reamping part 2

So it looks like the guitar or bass can be easily recorded at home. Really? Guitarists, taking care of your signal path, let’s take a look at a few facts that might open your eyes wide. We are talking about the cables and their „sound”, and we miss much more serious matter…

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Reamping part 1

Prices and quality of plug-ins that simulate guitar amps just force you to record guitar at home, on your headphones, without disturbing anyone. We use the plug-in, and at the same time did not close the possibility to „the real thing” – recorded tracks can be easily processed in the recording studio with your choice of amplifiers, speakers and microphones, with any preamplifier. Time (and money) gained on working at home can be used in the studio, trying different amplifier settings and microphones. However, if you plan to re-amp your tracks, you have to record them well.

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