Reamping part 4

Well, now we have to check guitars with higher output levels. Gibson Lucille is a blues instrument, and although gauge 12 strings may be involved in a high output level, the pickups are rather far away from the strings. Epiphone Les Paul Junior has stock humbucking pickup, which is not the active EMG for sure, but on the other hand the pickup it is pretty close to the strings. In total, it is difficult to find two more different guitars in every way… Well, back to work!

Gibson ES-335 Lucille i Epiphone Les Paul JuniorFirst, Gibson ES-335 Lucille, a beautiful guitar, already not young. It’s hard to say, but I think I used  the bridge pickup – the instrument has a rotary switch, which modifies sound, I tried to set it flat. Configuration as recently – guitar signal enters parallel the Focusrite buffer and the Boss, from the outputs of these buffers signal is recorded on the adjacent tracks. Of course I play, so no comment 😉 :




You can see what you see, you do not want to show samples – but of course they are:

This instrument also distorted the input of the interface, but you have to try a little bit. However, the clipping is visible and audible. The Boss track is useless, maybe with some evil simulator, but no, forget it. You can see clipping – lower half of the waveform almost does not exist. You say that they are „classic distortion brought by a class A single-ended amplifier with a predominance of even-numbered harmonics pleasant to the ear” but in fact it is a nasty distortion, and it looks like a guitar has gone through half-wave rectifier. In addition, the output level is weak.

Okay, let’s take Epiphone Les Paul Junior. It is competely different guitar than Lucille, if it comes to price and sound, not mention finishing and player’s satisfaction. The body is plywood. Mahogany plywood? 😉 It does not matter, we’re checking the output level. Construction of the bridge and first fret makes impossible to tune the instrument – so please, just look, don’t listen 😉 :




Samples of course:

Without pounding the strings red LED on the interface flashes frequently, and the clipping is visible and above all very audible. Not a track from Focusrite nor from Boss is suitable for further processing – you need to reduce the input level. First conclusion 😉


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